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FanSource is pleased to offer autographed copies of Martin E. Brooks' CD A Life Filled With Love. This CD was designed and published inhouse. Have a CD you would like to have promoted on our website, or need help with designing and publishing your CD? Contact us at Please note when you make these CD purchases you will be purchasing them directly from the artist's PayPal account, but this website is maintained by the same company that brings you FanSource.
FanSource Martin E. Brooks A Life Filled With Love
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Click Here to Listen to a sample of
There Is A Someone
(with the Bumps Blackwell Band)

Martin E. Brooks
A Life Filled With Love CD

Martin is pleased to announce the release of his first CD entitled A Life Filled With Love. The CD contains 10 tracks, all written and performed by Martin that he recorded back in the 1960s. Each track features an introduction by Martin. The CD features photos of Martin performing in the musical Say Darling, and comes with a 4 page insert, featuring more photos and notes from Martin about the making of the CD.

1. There Is A Someone
2. There Is A Someone (with the Bumps Blackwell Band)
3. I Will Call You on The Telephone
4. Turtle Dove
5. Eskimo Kiss
6. I Forgive You
7. How Do I Know?
8. Please Don't Go
9. How Sad
Bonus Track:
A Life Filled With Love


"What a lovely collection of original songs - sung with such a beautiful voice, ala the old time crooners like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. I recognized Martin's name from his role as 'Dr. Rudy Wells' on both bionic series The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, but had absolutely no idea of what another wonderful talent he has as a singer! Higly recommend to all! I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised and entertained."

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